SETSALE™ simply gets everything right!

SETSALE™ is an intelligent and uncomplicated private negotiation strategy that provides the perfect balance between seller and buyer.

SETSALE™ removes the limitations and problem hurdles often experienced by sellers and buyers to create open and transparent private negotiation.

SETSALE™ is not a 'silent' auction a 'dutch' auction or a 'once offer' or 'one chance' process.

SETSALE™ is a strategy that educates and encourages buyers to understand how their offer will be handled especially in the circumstance where there are more than one offers.

SETSALE™ keeps the seller in control at all times and gives every buyer every chance of securing the property they desire or the home of their dreams.

Some of the benefits of a SETSALE™ are:

  • Accurate assessment of market worth – how this is done is revealed to the seller
  • Independent Valuation well help to determine true market worth
  • Properties are marketed with a 10% 'Prescribed Price Range'
  • SETSALE™ consultants are highly trained and experienced in price range marketing
  • SETSALE™ works through a 30 day period with a closing date for completion of the sale
  • SETSALE™ marketing and promotion ensures your property is given the standing it deserves
  • Setsale_buyerpool
  • SETSALE™ provides every opportunity for buyers to inspect a property either privately or by open inspection
  • There is a second sale option for buyers creating opportunity for the unsure buyer
  • SETSALE™ is open to offers with conditions, therefore receives more inspections
  • Sellers and buyers have 3 time frames in which to make a decision
  • Negotiation is private which has benefits for both sellers and buyers
  • If a property does not sell by the set date, there is a second promotion
  • There is less stress for both buyer and seller compared with conventional strategies

SETSALE™ is a private negotiation strategy that simply gets everything right.

Want to find out more… Call the team at Ring Partners 8370 3211 and have all your questions answered.

SETSALE™ is a trademarked selling and marketing system under the Pilling Systems which is professionally trained throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK. There are more than 300 consultants throughout Australia. All consultants must adhere to a thorough training programme and guidelines. Results and performance are managed for quality control. Ring Partners are licensed, authorised and trained to conduct a SETSALE™. Ring Partners have been working with the SETSALE™ for 10 years with extraordinary success.


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